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19-21 April 2017 University of Zurich

Spectroscopy with ENVI for Agriculture and Forestry

Instructor: Dr. Thomas Bahr, Harris Corporation, Germany,

Tutorial Description:

This tutorial will focus on spectroscopy for agriculture and forestry using the hyperspectral data analysis tools of ENVI, by the means of selected hands-on-exercises.

The flexible tools and extensive library of vegetation indices can be applied to multi-temporal or hyperspectral imagery to create vegetation maps on scales ranging from species to ecosystems. An agricultural stress tool can help to find areas of dry or dying crops by looking for signs of poor nitrogen and light use. A forest health tool can be useful for identifying pest and blight conditions and assessing areas of timber harvest by analyzing mature, thinned, cleared, and regenerating forests.

Using ENVI and spectral imagery or repeated imagery over a growing season supports the creation of accurate maps of vegetation species and cover types. The use of multi-source data (Spectroscopy, SAR, LiDAR) aids to determine the effects of clear cutting and deforestation.

This interactive tutorial will cover the following aspects:

This will be complemented by an outlook to the combination of spectroscopy with SAR and LiDAR data for agriculture and forestry.


The ENVI family of image analysis software is designed for the combined use of Earth Observation technologies (Spectroscopy, SAR, LiDAR). For agriculture and forestry it offers a full suite of tools to extract all types of vegetation-related information from any type of imagery. And, ENVI can be easily customized to solve unique challenges, making it a highly flexible solution for agricultural and forestry applications.

ENVI easily integrates into GIS workflows, allowing to quickly and accurately view, manipulate, process, and analyze imagery. Because ENVI products are tightly integrated with ArcGIS®, it is easy to exchange data and layer files between the software packages, saving time and effort.


The workshop provides important information for all users of aviation or satellite data, regardless of the respective sensor technology / recording technology. Special conditions are not required.

Keywords: ENVI, vegetation indices, agricultural stress, forest health, decision tree classification, multi-source data analysis, automation, GIS integration

Number of Participants: max. 20

Tutorial Fee: 100 Euro

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