Vol. 1, Issue 1, Feb 1991: Imaging Spectroscopy

Introduction of Vol. 1, Issue 1, Feb 1991: Imaging Spectroscopy
S. Vetrella, F. Lehmann



Overview: Imaging Spectrometry for Studying Earth, Air, Fire and Water
A.F.H. Goetz

Discrimation of Nitrogen Fertilizer Levels on Permanent Grasslands from Aircraft Based Imaging Spectrometers
A.K. Wilson, A.R. Jones, N.A. Drake, S. Plummer, B. K. Wyatt and S.A. Briggs

On the Relationship between High Spectral Resolution Canopy Reflectance Data and Plat Biochemistry
S.E. Plummer, A.K. Wilson and A.R. Jones

The Application of Imaging Spectroscopy Data in Agriculture and Hydrology – The EISAC-89-Campagne in the Freiburg Test Side
H. Bach and W. Mauser

EISAC ’89: Evaluation of GER Airborne Scanner Data in the Almaden Testside(Spain)
K. Werner and F. Lehmann

Mapping Rocks, Soils, Vegetation Communities and Vegetation Destiny with the GERIS using Linear Mixture Modelling and Post-Processing Techniques
N.A. Drake

Field Radiometric Measurements for Validations and Calibration of Airborne Data: Relevant Aspects with the EISAC ’89 Campaign
G. Maracci, G. Andreoli and B. Hosgood

Analysis of GER Imaging Spectrometer Data Acquired during the European Imaging Spectrometry Aircraft Campaign (EISAC) ’89. Quality Assessments and First Results
J. Hill

Analysis of Vegetation Covered Waste Deposits with the GER-II Scanner Data
H. Rothfuss, F. Lehmann and R. Richter

Mineral Identification Using GER-II Data Acquired from Makhtesh Ramon / Negev, Israel
H. Kaufmann, W: Weisbrich, M. Beyth, Y. Bartov, A. Itamar, E. Mazor,S. Ronen a. U. Kafri

Airborne Imaging Spectrometry for Mapping of the Chlorophyll A Distribution and Pollution in the Skagerrak Region
L.H. Petterson, O.M. Johannessen, Ø. Frette, K. Sørensen, E. Svendsen, G. Borstad and J.F.R. Gower

CAESAR: An Example of a Versatile Multispectral CCD Pushbroom Scanner Data for Using (Non) Imaging Spectrometry Results
W.J. Looyen and A.G. Dekker

Determination of Foliar Chemistry from Airborne Imaging Spectrometry Data for Canopy Stress Assessment
C. Banninger

NS001 Thematic Matter Simulator Based Vegetation Indices for Stress Detection in Coniferous Forests
C. Banninger

The European Imaging Spectrometry Campaign – EISAC. Review of First Results and Outlook on Future Aspects of Data Evaluation
J. Bodechtel and S. Sommer