Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jan 1993: Microwave Imaging and Related Techniques

Introduction of Vol. 2, Issue 1, Jan 1993: Microwave Imaging and Related Techniques
K.J. Langenberg, M. Chandra and S. Cloude



Bistatic High Resolution Imaging on a Monostatic Range
W.F. Herdeg and B. Röde

Antenna Pattern Effects in Wideband Polarimetric Imaging
G. Nesti, A.J. Sieber and M. Hohmann

On the Quantitative Analysis of Localized Scattering Centres in Microwave Images
U. Fuchs and H. Wendel

Microwave Imaging: an Iterative Numerical Solution
N. Joachimowicz, A. Francois, Ch. Pichot and A . Joisel

An Investigation of 1989 Polarimetric SAR Data for the Flevoland Testsite
J.S. Groot and A.C. von den Broek

Polarimetric Signature from Natural and Artificial Randomly Distributes Targets
M. Chandra, V. Ziegler, A. Hornbostel, E. Lüneburg and A. Schroth

Comparison of Optimization Procedure for 2×2 Sinclair, 2×2 Graves, 3×3 Covariance, and 4×4 Mueller (Symmetric) Matrices in Coherent Radar Polarimetry and its Application to Target Versus Background Discrimination in Microwave Remote Sensing and Imaging
W.-M. Boerner, Ch.L. Liu and X. Zhang

Focused Monostatic and Bistatic Range Doppler Imaging f Rotating Targets with a Coherent Pulse Radar
M. Kleintz

BEM-Computation of 3D Transient Scattering from Conducting Bodies
E. Schlemmer, W.M. Rucker and K.R. Richter

Two Dimensional Imaging of Model Targets with a CW Radar
U.H.W. Lammers, R.A. Marr and J. B. Morris

Deterministic  and Random Targets in Frequency Diverse Imaging
J.W. Bredow, A.K. Fung, R. Porco and G. Hartmann

94 GHz 3-D Imaging Radar Sensor for Industrial Environments
J. Detlefsen, M. Rozmann and M. Lange

Three-Dimensional Aspects of Microwave Holography
R.F. Schindel

The HARC Holographic Imaging Facility – Multistatic Images of Distributed Targets
A.J. Blanchard, B. Williams, R.F. Schindel,B. Jersak and B. Krenek

A Fast Two-Dimensional Isar-Imaging Process InvolvingFocusing Techniques
K.H. Bethke

Principles of Microwave Imaging and Inverse Scattering
K.J. Langenberg, M. Brandfaß, K. Mayer, T. Kreutter, A. Brüll, P.. Fellinger and. Huo

Improved Resolution in Radio Frequency Holography: Image Spectrum, Continuation and the Influence of Aberrations
E. Brundege, J. Nilles and G. Tricoles

The European Microwave Signature Laboratory
A.S. Sieber

A Comparison between Holographic SAR (HSAR) and Conventional Narrow Angle SAR
J.K. Glazner and D.A. DiRosa

The Concept of the Polarimetric Matched Signal & Image Filters: Application to Radar Target versus Speckle Reduction & Optimal Background Clutter Discrimination in Microwave Sensing and Imaging
W.-M. Boerner, M. Walther and A.C. Segal

Polarisation in High Resolution Radar Imaging
S.R. Cloude and J.M. Tealby

Synthetic Aperture Radar Fundamentals and Image Processing
R.O. Harger

Signature Analysis of Multifrequency Polarimetric Nasa DC-8 Airsar Data of Alpine Geo-Applications
K.P. Papathanssiou and M.F. Buchroithner