Vol. 4 Issue 2, Oct 1995: Topography from Space

Introduction of Vol. 4 Issue 2, Oct 1995: Topography from Space



Current Status and Future Possibilities for Topographic Mapping from Space
G. Konecny

Limitations to SAR Interferometry due to Instrument, Climate or Target Geometry Instabilities
D. Massonet

Geocoding and Validation of ERS-1 InSAR-derived Digital Elevation Models
D. Small, C. Werner, D. Nüesch

On the Use of SAR Image Simulation for the Validation of Topographic Mapping Techniques
L. Polidori, P. Armand

Calibration of Interferometric SAR Images
J. O. Hagberg, L. M. H. Ulander

Twin Satellite Orbital and Doppler Parameters for Global Topographic Mapping
A. Moccia, S. Vetrella, M. D’Errico

Topographic Mapping of the Moon via a Radar System
A. Corradini, R. Cramarossa, P. Lombardo, G. Picardi, R. Seu

First Results of MAMS-02 Data and Future Geoscientific Applications
J. Bodechtel, H. Mehl, Q Lei, G. Loercher

Application of Space Information for Updating and Improvement of Topographic Maps
T. Vereshchaka

A Robust Coarse-to-fine Least-squares Stereo Matching for Automatic Terrain 3-D Reconstruction
L. Alparone, F. Argenti, V. Cappellini

Effect of Acquisition and Image Processing Parameters on Automatic Correlation Accuracy
P. Antonio, G. Bordes, E. Breton, G. Kunz, C. Latry, M. Pausader

Satellite Image Maps of Warsaw in the Scale 1:25,000
R. Kaczynski, J.-P. Donnay, F. Muller

Comparison of DEM Generation from SPOT Stereo and ERS Interferometric SAR Data
L. Renouard, F. Perlant, P. Nonin

Generating DEM from Stereo Images with a Photogrammetric Approach: Examples with VIR and SAR Data
T. Toutin

Multisource Data Fusion with an Integrated and Unified Geometric Modelling
T. Toutin

Panel discussion

Resolution Concerning the Tandem Mission

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