Coastal Zones

The SIG Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone is a platform for information exchange among people interested in:

  • the physical dynamics of currents, tides, waves and sediment transport,
  • the flux and transformation of chemical and biological seawater constituents including pollutants,
  • the relevance of physical conditions for biological and chemical processes,
  • morphodynamical processes and their relevance for coastal engineering,
  • the relevance of these factors for living conditions, tourism, shipping and economy

and their investigation with Remote Sensing. This covers the microwave, visible and infrared spectral range, active and passive methods, algorithms for data interpretation, ground truth methods, and modeling of processes using parameters for starting conditions and output validation that can be remotely sensed.

The Special Interest Group Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone is a synthesis and continuation of the

  • SIG Lidar Remote Sensing of Land and Sea, and the
  • SIG Water Applications

which have been active with great success, and shall bring their most relevant ocean-related topics together.