European Journal of Remote Sensing

The European Journal of Remote Sensing  (EuJRS) is a co-journal of EARSeL and publishes research papers and review articles related to the use of remote sensing technologies. It is published on behalf of the Associazione Italiana de Telerilevamento (AIT).  The EuJRS  is a fully open access journal with a current IF of 3.647.  This means all submitted articles will, if accepted, be available for anyone to read anywhere, at any time, immediately on publication. There are no charges for submission to this journal.

Due to a special agreement between EARSeL and Taylor & Francis, authors participating at EARSeL events pay a lower APC when publishing in a special issue or supplement of the journal. Furthermore, EARSeL subsidises 50% of the author’s fee for the publication of a full paper.

If submitting regular articles to the EuJRS, EARSeL members and SIG chairpersons will be eligible to receive a 15% discount on the APC.
– The discount code can be obtained from the EARSeL Office (
– It is a multi-use code and will apply a 15% discount if the paper is accepted.
– If he author does not apply the code, they won’t receive the discount.

Please contact the EARSeL office ( if you have questions!

  • Land use/land cover
  • geology, earth and geoscience
  • agriculture and forestry
  • geography and landscape
  • ecology and environmental science
  • support to land management
  • hydrology and water resources
  • atmosphere and meteorology
  • oceanography
  • new sensor systems, missions and software/algorithms
  • pre-processing/calibration
  • classifications
  • time series/change analysis
  • data integration/merging/fusion
  • image processing and analysis
  • modelling

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