Why become a member?

  • EARSeL, the European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, is a long-established network of scientific research laboratories coming from academia or the commercial world, which investigate all fields of application of remotely sensed data, acquired either from satellites or from airborne platforms. It is a non-profit Association with a permanent part-time Secretariat based in Münster (Westf.). EARSeL is the only organisation within Europe representing scientific laboratories and research departments of commercial companies that can communicate their viewpoint to the sponsoring agencies (European Space Agency, European Commission, Council of Europe) and other international institutions.
  • EARSeL members are free to join one or several of its 17 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which bring together institutes that have similar broad fields of research activity, such as forestry, land cover, forest fires, geology, coastal zones, or advanced techniques such as data fusion, imaging spectroscopy or radar. There is a specific group that studies remote sensing techniques for developing countries, since many researchers work in these countries and have their specific experiences and projects on which to exchange their views. The Special Interest Groups organise high-level workshops, often regularly at 2 or 3-year intervals.
  • For the cost of one annual membership fee, all members of staff from EARSeL member laboratories/companies benefit from considerably reduced registration fees (up to 40%) at the annual symposium and at workshops. On this occasion members can also attend at no extra cost one or sometimes two tutorials given by leading scientists.
  • Commercial members have the opportunity to present their products in the Newsletter and can exhibit at very reasonable cost at the annual symposium. They may also sponsor a session related to their specific field or offer some other form of sponsorship if they wish.

Please download the Membership Application Form: DOCX, and send it by e-mail or standard mail to:

EARSeL Head Office
Mrs. Heide Bierbrauer
Am Dill 169
48163 Münster (Westf.)

E-mail: secretariat@earsel.org