Vol. 2, Issue 3, Nov 1993: Integration of Remote Sensing Data and GIS in Less-Favoured Areas

Introduction of Vol. 2, Issue 3, Nov 1993: Integration of Remote Sensing Data and GIS in Less-Favoured Areas Areas

Foreword. The Critical Problem of Integration Remote Sensing Data and G.I.S. in Less-Favoured Areas
J. Wilmet



Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for Agriculture Resource Management in Nigeria
P.O. Adeniyi

Comparison of Optical and Microwave Satellite Data for Land Cover Inventor Purposes Using Digital Field Boundaries
C.G.J. Schotten, L.L.F. Janssen and G.J.A. Nieuwenhuis

Integration of Remote Sensing and GIS for the Management of Large Irrigation Projects
P. Maurel, A. Vidal and A. Lahlou

Application of Satellite Remote Sensing to Soil and Land Use Mapping in the Rolling Hilly Areas of Nanjing, Eastern China
Z. Ming, R. Goossens and L. Daels

Environmental Degradation Caused by Man. A Case Study ofr Southern Euboia (Central Greece) Based upon Thematic Mapper Data in Combination with Topographical and Statistical Documents
B.M. De Vliegher

Quantitative Estimation of Woody Vegetation in the Sudano-Sahelian Region. A Textural Approach Applied in a Region of Burkina Faso
K. Djaroudib

Methods to Characterize Landfacets Using Remote Sensing Data and GIS in Burkina Faso
M. Totte, B. Henquin, A. Nonguierma and R. Penneman

The Use of Remote Sensing and GIS Methods for Mapping Land Cover Change in Scotland
J.A. Holbrook and G.J. Tudor

Satellite Images for the Detection of Changes in Rural Landscape: a Landscape-Ecological Perspective
H. Gulnick, H. Dufourmont, M. Brunovsky, A. Andries and P. Wouters

Detailed Assessment of Degradation Processes in the Agricultural Land of a Newly Reclaimed Area in Egypt, Using Multitemporal High Resolution Satellite Data
E.M.C. Goossens, R.E.A. Goossens, Th.K. Ghabour and A.G. Gad

Satellite Based Assessment and Monitoring of Land Degradation in Semi-Arid Tropical Africa – Aspects of the Soil/Vegetation Complex
P. Frederiksen

An Integrated Program for Forest Resources Development in the Gum Belt of Sudan
A. Falconer and H. Gyde Lund

Monitoring of Permanent Fallow Land Parcels Funded by the EEC-Temporary Set-Aside Arable Land Program with Remote Sensing
C. Jürgens

Towards a Rational Utilization of Satellite Imagery for Lisbon’s Metropolitan Planning
M. Binard and I. Nadasdi

Application of Remote Sensing to Urban Population Estimation: a case study of Marrakech, Morocco
Y. Baudot

Contribution of Remote Sensing in the Less Favoured Areas of Europe – The Case of Brittany
R. Bariou and L. Hubert-Moy

Use of G.I.S. and Remote Sensing in Hydrological Model for Impact Study of Land Cover Change in a Malagasy Rural Basin
A. Randriamaherisoa, M. Binard and E. Persoons

A Simulation Model to Monitor the Soil Salinity in Irrigated Arable Land in Arid Areas Based upon Remote Sensing and GIS
R. Goossens, M. El Badawi, T. Ghabour and M. De Dapper

The Characterization and Monitaoring od Meadows in Walloon Region by GIS and Remote Sensing
A. Peters and S. Dautrebande

Contribution of Satellite Remote Sensing to Morphopedological and Vegetation Mapping in the East African Rift Savannas Virunga National Park–Zaire
M. Vanoverstraeten, P. Trefois