Vol. 4, Issue 4, Nov 1996: Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Forest Fire Management

Introduction of Vol. 4, Issue 4, Nov 1996: Remote Sensing and GIS Applications for Forest Fire Management



Use of Remotely Sensed Data for Fire Danger Estimation
R. E. Burgan

Estimating Temporal Dynamics of Fuel Moisture Content of Mediterranean Species from NOAA-AVHRR Data
M. Alonso, A. Camarasa, E. Chuvieco, D. Cocero, I. A. Kyun,m M. Pilar Martin, F. J. Salas

Real Time Monitoring of Vegetation Flammability Using NOAA-AVHRR Thermal Infrared Data
N. Desbois, A. Vidal

Evaluation of Forest Fire Danger in Spain by Means of NOAA AVHRR Images
P. Illera, A. Fernández, A. Calle, J. L. Casanova

Evaluation of Forest Fire Risk by the Analysis of Environmental Data and TM Images
F. Maselli, A Rodolfi, L. Bottai, C. Conese

Wildland Fire Risk Mapping Using a Geographic Information System and Including Satellite Data
A. Mariel, M. Jappiot

Error Effect Simulation in Fire Hazard Modelling
B. M. De Vliegher, P. Brackman, P. S. Basigos

A GIS-based Forest Fire Management Information System
N. Lymberopoulos, C. Papadopoulos, E. Stefanakis, N. Pantalos, F. Lockwood

Real Time Monitoring of Active Forest Fires for Better Natural Resource Management in Developing Countries
I. D. Downey, P. Ceccato, S. P. Flasse, P. Navarro, S. N. Trigg, J. B. Williams

An Automatic Algorithm to Detect Vegetation Fires Globally from NOAA-AVHRR Data
P. Ceccato, S. P. Flasse, I. D. Downey

Burned Land Mapping andPost-Fire Effects
M. A. Karteris

Fuzzy Classification with a GIS as an Aid to Decision Making
K. R. Sasikala, M. Petrou, J. Kittler

The Use of Remote Sensing in the Evaluation of Natural Regeneration Potential, Erosion Risk and Desertification Risk, After Forest Fires
D. Rokos, P. Kolokoussis

A Remote-sensing GIS Approach to Monitoring Regeneration and Predicting Risk of Erosion and Desertification after a Forest Fire in the Mediterranean Region
C. Banninger, H. Gallaun

Assessment of AVHRR Data for Characterizing Burned Areas and Post-Fire Vegetation Recovery
M. Caetano, L. Mertes, L. Cadete, J. Pereira

Evaluation of Forest Fire Effects Using CASI (Compact Airborne Spectrographic Imager) Data
X. Baulies, M. Joaniquet, A. Tardà

Monitoring Forest Regrowth Rates after Fires with Multitemporal Landsat TM Imagery
O. Viedma, J. Meliá, J., García-Haro, D. Segarra

Remote Sensing and Vegetation Recovery Mapping after a Forest Fire
P. Vine, C. Puech, B. Clément, F. Bouguerzaz

Analysis of the Discrimination of Burnt Sites Temporal Evolution in a Mediterranean Area
R. Salvador, X. Pons

The Effect of Spatial Resolution on Landscape Measurements of Post Disturbance Vegetation
M. J. Gluck, R. S. Rempel