Results of SIG Chairperson elections 2021 for the term 2021 – 2025

A new SIG “Agriculture” has been created and approved and is chaired by Enrico Borgogno Mondino (IT) & Francesco Pirotti (IT).  The SIGs “Forest Fires” and “Thermal Remote Sensing” have no chairs for the period to come. A new call for these 2 SIGs will be relaunched in autumn 2021.

These are the results of the SIG chairperson elections 2021:

  • SIG Agriculture – Enrico Borgogno Mondino (Italy) & Francesco Pirotti (Italy)
  • SIG Cultural and Natural Heritage – Jolanda Patruno (Italy) & Mario Hernandez (Switzerland)
  • SIG Developing Countries – Monika Kuffer (The Netherlands) & Stefanos Georganos (Belgium)
  • SIG Education and Training (E&T) – Alexander Siegmund (Germany) & Přemysl Štych (Czech Republic)
  • SIG Forestry – Manuela Hirschmugl (Austria)
  • SIG Geological Applications – Nikolakopoulos (Greece) & Christian Mielke (Germany)
  • SIG Imaging Spectroscopy – Mathias Kneubühler (Switzerland) & Martin Bachmann (Germany)
  • SIG Land Ice and Snow – Stefan Wunderle (Switzerland)*
  • SIG Land Use / Land Cover – Gregory Giuliani (Switzerland) & Birgitta Putzenlechner (Germany)
  • SIG Radar Remote Sensing – Andrea Nascetti (Italy)
  • SIG Remote Sensing of the Coastal Zone  – Luca Fiorani (Italy) & Florinda Artuso (Italy)
  • SIG Remote sensing for UN Sustainable Development Goals – Vanya Stamenova (Bulgaria) & Stefan Stamenov (Bulgaria) & Lena Halounova (Czech Republic)”
  • SIG Urban Remote Sensing – Carsten Jürgens (Germany) & Derya Maktav (Turkey)
  • SIG 3-D Remote Sensing – Mattia Crespi (Italy) & Roland Perko (Austria)
  • SIG Unmanned Aerial Systems – Lammert Kooistra (The Netherlands) & Anna Zmarz (Poland)