Vol. 3, Issue 3, July 1995: Lidar Remote Sensing of Land and Sea

Introduction of Vol. 3, Issue 3, July 1995: Lidar Remote Sensing of Land and Sea



Remote Multi-Colour Fluorescence Imaging of Selected Broad-Leaf Plants
H. Edner, J. Johansson, S. Svanberg

Development of a Shipboard Lidar: Technical Layout and First Results
R. Reuter, R. Willkomm, G. Krause, K. Ohm

Collecting Performance of a Lidar Telescope at Short Distances
K. Ohm, R. Willkomm

Comparison of Different Detection Set-ups for Laser-induced Fluorescence Monitoring of Vegetation
W. Lüdecker, K. P. Günther, H. G. Dahn

Development of the Lidar Pump-and-Probe Technique for >Remote Measuring the Efficiency of Primary Photochemical Reactions in Leaves of Green Plants
A. M. Chekalyuk, M. Y. Gorbunov

Correlations between COD, DOC, UV254 and Fluorescence of Inland Waters Measured in the Laboratory
K.-H. Mittenzwey, R. Reuter

New Methodological Aspects of the Old Problem. Laser Diagnostics of Dissolved Organic Matter
S. V. Patsayeva

A Multi-wavelength in situ Fluorometer for Hydrographic Measurements
R. Heuermann, K.-D. Loquay, R. Reuter

Multiple-wavelength Remote Sensing of Phytoplankton
S. Babichenko, L. Poryvkina, S. Kaitala

Lidar Field Experiments for Monitoring Sea Water Column Temperature
V. Raimondi, G. Cecchi

Algae and Mucillagine Monitoring by Fluorescence Lidar Experiments in Field
M. Bazzani, G. Cecchi

Yellow Substance and Chlorophyll Measurements in the Venice Lagoon Using Laser-induced Fluorescence
L. Alberotanza, P. L. Cova, C. Ramasco, S. Vianello, M. Bazzani, G. Cecchi, L. Pantani, V. Raimondi, P. Ragnarson, S. Svanberg, E. Wallinder

Remote Measurements of Chlorophyll a and Gelbstoff for Classifying Tidal Flats by Means of Laser Fluorosensors
H. Wang, T. Hengstermann, D. Loquay, R. Reuter, R. WIllkomm

Lidar Monitoring of Phytoplankton and Organic Matter in the Inner Seas of Europe
A. M. Chekalyuk, A. A: Demidov, V. V. Fadeev, M. Y. Gorbunov

Detection and Countermeasures to Chemical Spills at Sea
J. Carroll, D. Thomas

A Laser Fluorosensor for Maritime Surveillance: Measurement of Oil Spills
R. Reuter, H. Wang, R. WIllkomm, K. Loquay, T. Hengstermann, A. Braun

Fluorescent Remote Diagnostics of Oil Pollutions: Oil in Films and Oil Dispersed in the Water Body
S. V. Patsayeva

Fiber Optic LIF-Sensors for the Trace Analysis of Environmental Pollutants in Water and in the Soil
J. Bublitz, A. Knaack, M. Dickenhausen, M. Grätz, W. Schade, T. Baumgartl, R. Horn

Remote Sensing of Time-resolved Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Back-scattering of the Laser Excitation by Vegetation
I. Moya, Y. Goulas, F. Morales, L. Camenen, G. Guyot, G. Schmuck

Remote Monitoring of Vegetation Using a Fluorescence Lidar System in Spectrally Resolving and Multi-spectral Imaging Modes
H. Edner, J. Johansson, P. Ragnarson, S. Svanberg, E. Wallinder

Monitoring of Herbicide Effects and Water Stress on Plants Using the Mobile Picosecond-Fluorimeter
K. Maier,K. Didschun, D. Otteken, D. Berg, F. Terjung

The ENEA Lidar Fluorosensor: Results on Vegetation Health
R. Barbini, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, A. Palucci, S. Ribezzo