Vol. 4 Issue 1, Sep 1995: Remote Sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone Management

Indroduction of Vol. 4 Issue 1, Sep 1995: Remote Sensing and GIS for Coastal Zone Management



Sensing in the Coastal Zone Remotely
R. Vaughan

3-D Desktop Mapping and Volume Change Estimation of the Northern Ameland Coast, The Netherlands
J. P. G. Bakx, R. A. van Zuidam, N. J. Mulder

The Use of Optical Satellite Observations to Optimize Ship-based Sand Inventories in Coastal Areas
G. H. F. M. Hesselmans, G. J. Wensink

The Use of ERS-q SAR Data to Support Bathymetric Survey
G. H. M. Hesselmans, G. J. Wensink, C. J. Calkoen

Coastline Management with GIS in the Netherlands
T. van Heuvel, R. Hillen

Mapping of Intertidal Surface Sediments Using High Resolution Remote Sensing (A Study in the Westerscheld Area, the Netherlands)
J. M. M. Kokke

Monitoring Tidal Flat Changes Using ERS-1 SAR Images in the Western Wadden Sea Area, The Netherlands
Y. Wang, B. N. Koopmans

Modelling of Remote Sensing Reflectance Spectra for Suspended Matter Concentration Detection in Coastal Areas
I. J. A. Althuis, S. Shimwell

The Use of Spaceborne SAR Imagery for Oil Slick Detection on the North Sea
W. G. Bos, H. Konings, A. H. J. M. Pellemans, L. L. F. Janssen, R. W. van Swol

Evaluation of Different Methodological Approaches for Monitoring Water Quality Parameters in the Coastal Waters of Andalusia (Spain) Using Landsat-TM Data
A. Fernández-Palacios, J. M. Moreira Madueno

Light Attenuation Coefficient in Shallow Coastal Waters from Airborne Multispectral Data: Implications for Water Quality and Bottom Features Estimation
J. Gilabert, A. Pérez-Ruzafa, J. M. Gutiérrez

A Ground-truth-data Method for the Detection of Organic Substances in Waters
K.-H. Mittenzwey, G. Sinn

COAST (Coastal Earth Observation Application for Sediment Transport)
T. M. Peck,R. J. M. Sweet, H. N. Southgate, S. Boxall, A. Matthews, R. Nash, J. Aiken, H. Bottrell

AVHRR Imagery Reveals Interannual Variations of Surface Cyanobacterial Accumulations in the Baltic Sea
O. Rud, M. Kahru

Spatio-temporal Modelling of the Vegetation Structure in the Amsterdam Waterworks Dunes Using False Colour Orthophotos
W. J. Droese, M. van Til, D. Assendorp

Groundwater Modelling of a Coastal Dune Using Remote Sensing and GIS
T. W. Hobma, R. C. Bottelier, L. L. F. Janssen

Moritoring of posidonia oceania Meadows near the Outfall of the Sewage Treatment Plant at Marseilles
C. Pergent-Martini, V. Pasqualini, G. Pergenta

Intertidal Mapping of the Wash Estuary
D. C. Reid-Thomas, D. N. M. Donoghue, I. Shennan

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