Vol. 1, Issue 3, July 1992: Relationship of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems

Introduction of Vol. 1, Issue 3, July 1992: Relationship of Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems



Overview: UPSTAIRS as a Framework for Implementing a Geocoded Thematic Database
H. Schumaker

Hybrid Workstations in Geoinformatics: Requirements and Potential
M. Ehlers

Integration of Scanned Infrared Air Photos and Coordinate Files in Arc/Info . a Biohabitat Example from Southern Sweden
A. Oxenstierna and G. Göransson

Determination of Control Points Using Hanning-Poisson Filtering and Satellite Image Rectification Using a Bidimensional Approach with Separate Variables
MMY. Chibani and Y. Smara

An Unified Data Structure Based in Linear Quadtrees
L. Deren and G. Jianya

Extracting Vector Data and Attributes from Stereo Images with Phocus
P. Willkom

GRADIS – The Strässle Approach to a Modern GIS
J. Campbell and F. Steidler

Data Base Acquisition and Revision with INFOCAM and LEICA Photogrammetric Systems
M. Uhlenbruck

Analysis of Remote Sensing Data in Geographical Information Systems
D. Fritsch

Transition from Analogue to Digital Photogrammetry
M. Hassani and J. Carswell

Integration of Remote Sensing in a Raster and Vector GIS Environment
F.B. van der Laan

Digital Video Plotter DVP
A.S. Walker

Hybrid Geographical Information Systems
K. Freda and M. Kubat

Traster T10 Digital Imaging Stereoplotter Data Acquistion for GIS
C. Cruette and B. Manou

DOW – a System for Generation of Digital Orthophotos from Aerial and Spot Images
E.P. Baltsavias, A. Gruen and M. Meister

Integrated Processing of Remotely Sensed and Geographic Data for Land Inventory Purposes
M. Molenaar and L.L.F. Janssen

High Quality Digital Terrain Models – The SCOP Program and Derived Products
F. Ackermann

The DTM-System TASH in an Interactive Environment
G. Buziek and I. Kruise

Fractal Based Technique for Mountain Relief Reconstruction
P.A. Brivio, M. Righetti and D. Marini

Strategy for Up-Dating the Authoritative Topographic-Cartographic Information System. Atkis by Image Processing
K. Barwinski

Conceptual Integration of Raster Techniques into Atkis
H. Brüggemann

A Digital Landscape Model for Europa (DLME) – A European Challenge to Remote Sensing
B.S. Schulz

Remote Sensing and GIS Application in Antarctica
H. Bennat and J. Sievers

Map Up-Dating by Digital Hybrid Methods with the Sicad-Map-Revisor
E. Jäger

Integration of Remotely Sensed Data Into a GIS for the Assessment of Land Suitability
C. Conese, G. Maracchi, F. Maselli, M. Romani and L. Bottai

Application of Remote Sensind and Geographic Information System in Hydrological Modelling
Z. Su, P. Neumann, W. Fett, A. Schumann and G.A. Schulz

Software System Facilitating GIS Data Acquisition by Interpretation of Aerial Photos
W. Schneider, H. Madjidi and R. Mansberger